Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My mid-life crisis get away place

I had a desired to learn Chinese paint brush art long long time already. But it never become reality until one day we ran in old friend name "Tim Loh".
He is the master of Chinese paint brush called She-i similar to Sume-i painting.
I asked him if he is willing to teach me. He said "yes". and that is how my new journey begin .
We started with I teach and do " Chi Gung" with him for and hour and then he teach me the art of Chinese brush paintin for an hour then we go out and eat " good foods" . The last part we like a lot ")
I have been doing this for about 3 months now and enjoy every moments, mistakes and disappointments. frustrations all along the way .
I always love birds and flowers let see where they will lead me to............... ???
Have you ever see any one who see the flowers or little cute birds and hates it? I never see any.
For now I enjoy mingle with my daughter and my grandson while she is printing and edited my pictures for post cards for me.
Well this is my first blog of my new journey  we will see where it is going.........hope to see you along the way also ")

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  1. What a beautiful art work I have ever seen! They are magnificent art pieces. I never knew that my brother would turn out to be a great artist.