Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Holidays ")

Here we are , almost New Year already . Time sure fly by so quick. I hope you are all doing fine .

I have been experimenting new ideas. I hope you are all like it

Have a very happy and prosperous New Year everyone ")

Life is too short  ' I wish...................................................................."

Oh well , See you all next year " )

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer is here finally ")

Well summer is here finally ") yeahhhhhhhhhhh ")
We only have rain and cold for the past 10 months . I felt like those trees with mosses all over .
It has been rough past year . But I survived some how ")
These ones are to you all my friends and family .
Let me know that I am going insane or what????

Just to let you all know that these are not real. It is from my own imaginary world ")

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Expanding my horizon..................

                                    Newly wed ..........

                                       Singing heart songs  ..............

                                      Celebrating Springs with love songs ...............

                                         Peaceful summer day rest ...................

                                              Morning talk ...............

                                       Lovers quarrel................

                                        Afternoon play ....................

                                         Breakfast time .................

                                                  Sunny day in the park .................


Monday, May 23, 2011

Birds of 2011

           Well  my daughter did it ") 

I have been learning how to paint different things . There are lots of practice and fun.

I gave my daughter all kind of painting and she posted them for me.
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

As you can see I am changing I am not sure for the better or worst, but I am changing ")
I try to combine what I have learned and add a little bit of my imagination with it. Let me know your thought ????


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Heaven and Hell are right now ..........................

Today (May 21st 2011)  is suppose to be the end of human kind according to some group here in America.

          While I was waiting for the end of the world I was thinking about heaven and hell. Where will I go to ?????
  I was thinking about a man who is very rich and successful and has a very good life that I know.
      When he was young his father owned a turkey's farm. He and his brother have to killed and plugged 10,000 of turkeys each year. Sometime they have to cut turkey's toes and wings so they only have to stand still and get fat.
That is very amazing to me what human are doing to animals. They do not care about animal's suffering before becoming human foods.
   I wish we (human) think of some way to make animal's life more happier before they die or become human foods
    Any way back to the man I knew. His knee was bothering him so he call the surgeon make him replace it.
A year later the other knee also replaced.
   Then come one of his shoulder was hurting or give him pain. He ask the surgeon to cut and make him feel better. A few months later it was another shoulder. Then wrists and elbows then calves.
The very reason is his back. Of course he made the surgeon cut him up just like everything else.
   Now his thigh is hurting or giving him trouble. I bet he is thinking about cut it open so he can feel better .
He loves to be cut rather than find the alternative ways to cure it .  It has to be cure right now !!.
 So for all of the turkeys he killed or did something to its physically.
 He is paying back for what he's done this life as we are speaking ")
 . That is why I said heaven and hell are on this earth  right now and we do not have to wait and pay for it next life . ")

  So do more good things to another human or animals or even to yourself ")
See you again real soon    ")

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Spring time ")

Every morning I would hear the birds are singing . It is the sign of Spring time coming near.

I saw the birds are making the nest around where we live. Life seems to be going on does not matter what's happening around the world. The birds do not care just trying to live their lives. Doing their own things.

May be we are all should learn from all of these small animals. They are only concern about where to find  foods today and  reproduction for new generation to come in the future when the time call for them to do so.

Have a wonderful Spring everyone . Let us pray for the people in Japan and around the world whose life had changed in the blink of the eyes.

Thank you ........................................for my peaceful and easy life so far ")

I can see now that heaven and hell are here on earth as I am writing this blog.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine Everyone

              May this Valentine day make the whole world love each other more and more.

May this Valentine day make the one you love and who loves you, love you more and more also.

              May it be peace around the world and prosperity to the ones who deserve it.

May all the greedy thoughts go away from everyone mind.............................

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year to you all

 May your happiness, great health and wealth multiply like the rabbits
  May this year be better for all the tigers..........who still licking their wound...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Simplify ")

I have been in a heavy thought lately . How to simplify my life and my martial art.

We are all know that you can eat, drink and do anything as long as we are doing in moderation fashion.
Whether we can do it or not that is another story.

Last year I went home and met my long lost friends which we did not contact each other for over 40 years. I found that exercise is a key to stay healthy.
None of my friends were doing any kind of exercise at all. Most of them have problems. I am glad that I like to exercise and do thing moderately.
For many years now I tried to live my life simple and less materialistic.

"Moderate" is a key to everything in life . So here are my thoughts of moderation  .

S =   Slow down & enjoy thing, people around you, .....................spontaneous, skill

I =    Imagine doing less, interact with friends and families.............intensity

M=   Make time for loved one, moderate.......................modify
P=    Practice patience,kindness and thoughtful..................... practical

L=     Learn how to live, love and laugh,listen more.............. lower

I=     Increase your quiet time, ............invention,integrate

F=    Follow your heart, find time to exercise  ......................forward pressure

Y=   Yield to live, peace and joy, .........yield to incoming pressure

One is for my daily life and the other is for my martial art.
If you guy would like to use some of these be my guest and let see where will it takes us to ................
Any suggestions, ideas are welcome all the time. My cup always empty ")

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love that money can buy ")

      Who ever said that you can not buy" love ". I can prove to that person that he/she is wrong.
My love name " Beau " is unconditional love that I bought him 10 years ago.
Without him I will be so lonely and sad all the time. He kept me comforted even when I have a bad dream. He listened to me without judgement or advise.
       Even when I was mad at him he still love me
      He slept with me more than my wife ever did. Matter of fact he slept with me every day since I brought him home 10 years ago.
  He is the love of our life. He kept my wife calmed and happier. He made us smile of his silliness act.
He is definitely love that money can buy. I do not know what we would do without him .
When " Beau" was 4 years old we adopted another minpin, his name is " Sooner " .
  He is my wife dog. He was abused by people and kept looking for my wife for 2 1/2 years.
He came form Oklahoma to Texas and then to Washington state and then Oregon.
   I found him in the ads and as soon as he saw my wife they both just bonded to each other like magic.
I really meant it when I said he is my wife dog. My wife can shake him, throw him around and do what ever to him.He just sit there and loves it. But no one else can do what my wife can.
         Even myself can not do that either.
                           He is very loyal and protective with my wife. We do love him .
                                       As you see we can really buy "love".
By the way they are both "minpins" "Sooner " is the one with bamboo. " Beau " is the fat one ")
       We all should support Animal Service Programs.
            Because animals can not talk to us and tell us what happen to their life .
Many of them have been abused and can not complain to any one.
                 At least there are some people out there are willing to help.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year , new things ????

Well I am sitting and enjoying beautiful weather for once.
                     It is definitely a great starter of a New Year ")
                                   Even though it is 27'f  it still very beautiful.
                                           The sun is out and the sky is clear.
      I hope this year is better for all of the tigers ").
                Most of us(that I knew) had a bad year "(
                       I have this picture I took from our garden.
                             It makes me happier just to look at it .
                                  I hope it does the same to you.
              Have a great New Year everyone .
                               This one for all of the tigers,and all my friends and family
                                   " Life is too short , you must relax and enjoy
Let's plant a seed of kindness in our heart, and let it grows for this coming year   !!!!!!!!