Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pictures for sale profit all go to animal abuse protection Organizations

#2 11"x14"

#3 --- 11"x14"

#4-- 11"x14"

#5--- 11"x14"


11"x 14"


  Hello you all good people ") 

 I can use your help on this matter . I have been watching a lot of programs which showed some animals are suffering by human.
 It hurts me so much to see animals are suffering from human neglected and abused .                          

They can not talk and can not tell any one and that is the sad part.
Just look in their eyes and you can see that they are happy or sad.

Since I am doing this painting and some one bought my paintings . It gave me an  idea that I can help in a small way.

I would like to sell these paintings and more and to give all my profits to animal prevention and abuse organizations.
These painting are from 14"x11"" to 22"x 18"or larger . There are only one of the kind and no duplicate .
Price start at $35.00  depends on the frames size and how big pictures are your donation of course.
All I want is to get back the money to buy more supplies so I can do more and give more to the organizations to help as many animals as I can, while I can ") My labor are free .

Please spread the word around for me and show these paintings to all of your friends if you want to help.
 We can make a different in a small way. I understand there are a lot of human are suffering now also.

But we human can talk,  think and can do thing to make a different for our self. But the animals can only think and wishes.
No animal or human would like to be abuse and neglect and starving to death  . Animals do have feelings and rights to be happy just like us human.

Any way too much of babbling. Please help and make this world better for animals and human alike ")

I am donating all my profit to humane society, aspca, best friends and world wild life fund

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mat Placing help ")

   Picture #  1
Picture # 2

Picture #4

Picture # 5

I need help to see which one is the best in your eyes and why????

How would you like to put the mat on this picture??

 which number do you think it is the best for this picture ??

I am starting to make mats and frame some of my pictures. So I will post he pictures and the mat for you guys to help me .

Thank you in advance ")