Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mat Placing help ")

   Picture #  1
Picture # 2

Picture #4

Picture # 5

I need help to see which one is the best in your eyes and why????

How would you like to put the mat on this picture??

 which number do you think it is the best for this picture ??

I am starting to make mats and frame some of my pictures. So I will post he pictures and the mat for you guys to help me .

Thank you in advance ")


  1. Hi Narin,

    I would prefer having a bit more empty space in between the mat and the painted area of the picture :-)


  2. I prefer pic #1 because you see more of the "art space" and the borders are thinner. I don't like thick frames on my pictures.


  3. I would choose either number 4 or number 1 due to the paintings has more space and looks less restricted - to emphasis the art and balance in space surrounding the painting. Hope this helps :)