Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love that money can buy ")

      Who ever said that you can not buy" love ". I can prove to that person that he/she is wrong.
My love name " Beau " is unconditional love that I bought him 10 years ago.
Without him I will be so lonely and sad all the time. He kept me comforted even when I have a bad dream. He listened to me without judgement or advise.
       Even when I was mad at him he still love me
      He slept with me more than my wife ever did. Matter of fact he slept with me every day since I brought him home 10 years ago.
  He is the love of our life. He kept my wife calmed and happier. He made us smile of his silliness act.
He is definitely love that money can buy. I do not know what we would do without him .
When " Beau" was 4 years old we adopted another minpin, his name is " Sooner " .
  He is my wife dog. He was abused by people and kept looking for my wife for 2 1/2 years.
He came form Oklahoma to Texas and then to Washington state and then Oregon.
   I found him in the ads and as soon as he saw my wife they both just bonded to each other like magic.
I really meant it when I said he is my wife dog. My wife can shake him, throw him around and do what ever to him.He just sit there and loves it. But no one else can do what my wife can.
         Even myself can not do that either.
                           He is very loyal and protective with my wife. We do love him .
                                       As you see we can really buy "love".
By the way they are both "minpins" "Sooner " is the one with bamboo. " Beau " is the fat one ")
       We all should support Animal Service Programs.
            Because animals can not talk to us and tell us what happen to their life .
Many of them have been abused and can not complain to any one.
                 At least there are some people out there are willing to help.


  1. มีแดดแล้วเหรอ ถ่ายรูปลูกออกม่แดดจ้าเลย

  2. Yes!!! My German shepherd or Alsatian is truly love that money bought. Why he scares people I do not know.