Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year , new things ????

Well I am sitting and enjoying beautiful weather for once.
                     It is definitely a great starter of a New Year ")
                                   Even though it is 27'f  it still very beautiful.
                                           The sun is out and the sky is clear.
      I hope this year is better for all of the tigers ").
                Most of us(that I knew) had a bad year "(
                       I have this picture I took from our garden.
                             It makes me happier just to look at it .
                                  I hope it does the same to you.
              Have a great New Year everyone .
                               This one for all of the tigers,and all my friends and family
                                   " Life is too short , you must relax and enjoy
Let's plant a seed of kindness in our heart, and let it grows for this coming year   !!!!!!!!

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