Saturday, May 21, 2011

Heaven and Hell are right now ..........................

Today (May 21st 2011)  is suppose to be the end of human kind according to some group here in America.

          While I was waiting for the end of the world I was thinking about heaven and hell. Where will I go to ?????
  I was thinking about a man who is very rich and successful and has a very good life that I know.
      When he was young his father owned a turkey's farm. He and his brother have to killed and plugged 10,000 of turkeys each year. Sometime they have to cut turkey's toes and wings so they only have to stand still and get fat.
That is very amazing to me what human are doing to animals. They do not care about animal's suffering before becoming human foods.
   I wish we (human) think of some way to make animal's life more happier before they die or become human foods
    Any way back to the man I knew. His knee was bothering him so he call the surgeon make him replace it.
A year later the other knee also replaced.
   Then come one of his shoulder was hurting or give him pain. He ask the surgeon to cut and make him feel better. A few months later it was another shoulder. Then wrists and elbows then calves.
The very reason is his back. Of course he made the surgeon cut him up just like everything else.
   Now his thigh is hurting or giving him trouble. I bet he is thinking about cut it open so he can feel better .
He loves to be cut rather than find the alternative ways to cure it .  It has to be cure right now !!.
 So for all of the turkeys he killed or did something to its physically.
 He is paying back for what he's done this life as we are speaking ")
 . That is why I said heaven and hell are on this earth  right now and we do not have to wait and pay for it next life . ")

  So do more good things to another human or animals or even to yourself ")
See you again real soon    ")

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